Paved Path

Bureaucracy is a much reviled, pilloried; but globally envied institution. As Weber put it; it's hierarchical, rule based and impersonal, and it stands for continuity and enjoys special immunity under Article 311 of our Constitution. In the changing milieu, it is expected to be the agent of change; that will usher in greater inclusivity without eschewing growth, accountability, and transparency. Understandably it attracts the youth as an exciting career to pursue. In the School of Leadership we will try to nurture this dream and convert the latent, untapped potentials of Kiitians to realize their aspirations to climb the social ladder, empower them with requisite knowledge, guidance and focus. It will provide a level playing field in knowledge of varied subjects to students from varied backgrounds - without losing sight of the need to bolster the nuances. The debate is no longer Generalists vs Technical graduates' suitability for civil services; or the intellectual slugfest of Development vs Growth; but how to build synergy, team work and inculcate leadership qualities in them for a resurgent India.

It will indeed be a daunting journey - a paved path, but without the tedium of travelling lonesome. I'll have some of best academics, civil servants and think tanks who will be part of your Journey for achieving Leadership Positions. In the halcyon days of 70s and 80s Odisha had a preeminent position in the Civil Services without the institutional and infra structural excellence which our Hon'ble Founder has now provided in KiiT and KISS. The induction slide will be reversed through your efforts, commitment and unwavering determination through the School of Leadership. Market Economics through its Invisible Hand can no longer optimize Societal Welfare. It requires Hand holding, Empathy and Concerted action. The pages that follow etch out the contours of our plan in the pipeline.

A wit delectably put it, when he said:
It does not matter, if you are a lion or a deer,
But when the Sun Rises, You better be running at your best..

You all can be the Pied Pipers to fulfill Visions of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, our Founder Dr Achyuta Samanta in your aspiration for a life more ennobling and fulfilling, to make India more Resurgent and Less Unequal.

Martin Luther King Jr. had said that "With faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope". Transforming that hope into history will remain the work at hand by the School of Leadership, this September, and ever after.


Dr. Satya Narayan Misra

Director, School of Leadership